About Us


Company History:

Sanford Corporation was established in 1978 by Chung family. Started as a small business of manufacturing small parts for its customers, the company makes way into the top as the years goes by and becoming one of the best manufacturing companies out there.

In the period of 1984 and 1987, the company attained a special achievement that produced 1,500 units of Gasoline Dispersing Pump for Pilipinas Shell Petroleum.

The company consist of a 6,000 square meter floor area (machining division) and 2,800 square meter (foundry division), approximately 100 employees and manufacturing facilities.

Today, Sanford Corporation strives virgously to attain the highest quality engineering parts in order to give satisfaction to it's customers worldwide.

Core Values of the Company

> We will work hard and preserve to attain our goals and objectives.

> We will communicate, discuss and accept ways of improvements from every source available.

> We will try to resolve issues through mutual discussions and compromise.

> We will keep our word and our promises.


Sanford Corporation aims to
be the leading company in the
field of engineering parts, to
provide excellent and competitive
manufacturing service and produce
an environmental friendly product
through continuous improvement
of its quality management system.


Sanford Corporation strives vigorously to attain the highest quality engineering parts thereby satisfying worldwide customer's satisfaction.